Residential Plastering Central Coast

Residential Plasterers

Looking to hire a plasterer for your new home or your renovation? It is always advised to choose a plastering company with at least 5 years of experience. Plastering is always under estimated at the skill involved – Unlt it comes time to paint the wall or ceiling. Then every flaw and imperfection is immediately visible. On a larger walls or ceilings, a professional plasterer can create a flawless finish. As a result, the wall will appear smooth after painting.
To get a perfect finish, you need a plastering company who can create well finished walls.

All Plasterboard Work

As we offer high quality plastering services, including
conversion and renovation work, new builds, internal
and external plastering and general plaster repairs and
touch-ups, we have developed a process that ensures an
excellent result.

Plastering For All Homes

Modern, Minimalist, Statement, or Heritage

Which suits your home or style tastes?

We install all types of plaster work including decorative plastering work, Such as ceiling roses or decorative cornice.
If modern and minimal is your style – lets talk modern and sleek looks or even a shadow line cornice. This always looks amazing in a bedroom!

Ornate Cornice Work

We love doing renovation work including detail work such as ornamental plastering.
Installing feature plaster work makes a massive difference to a room.
It does not have to be ornate either – It can be clean lines and modern looking, but the size and placement is all it takes to create a fetaure

What Sort Of Plasterboard Do I Use

Different plaster for different areas

Gyprock standard board is fire resistant and has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities, making it ideal for all living rooms and bedroom Waterproof boards are required in In baths, and laundry rooms and there are several leading brands that we work with.

For rooms that need to keep sound out OR to keep sound contained, there are acoustic gypsum boards available that aid with sound insulation in your home theatre or studio. They can be used if you need to keep sound levels minimised for workspaces or even bedrooms if noise is a factor. There are fire-resistant plaster boards available for places with a high risk of fire.

We can assist you in determining the appropriate type of plasterboard for your newly constructed structure or renovated home.