Frequently Ask Questions

Skim Coating in Australia relates to a very fine layer of a finish coat applied to plasterboard. It is normally less than 1mm in thickness and is applied over the entire plasterboard surface to conceal imperfections in the joint work, smooth the paper texture and provide a uniform surface for decorating. It is usually done on walls that will have high scrutiny on the surface.

It may be easier to just sand back a wall that has some fine cracks and use a a gap filler and then paint over the top.

It will depend on the size of the room – But typically it will take a full day or 2 days to install plasterboards and allow the curing time between the steps

Usually it is quicker to remove the damaged plasterboards and apply new boards. If you are just going to skim over the top of an existing plasterboard wall – you will have to prepare it so that the surface is smooth.
Remove any flaking paint and round areas.

Plastering yourself is absolutely possible but it is a skill. Plasterers undergo a four year apprenticeship to be qualified.
If you are going to try and do your own plastering, materials are readily available at hardware stores and plasterboard supply places. Make sure you watch some Youtube clips that show you step by step.
If the job does go to plan – Reach out as we are only a phone call away.

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