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Ceiling Installation

Will you change what was there?

Look up and actually take a look at your current ceiling Ceilings have the potential to make or break a room. It is the largest exposed area of any room and you cannot disguise it with the placement of furniture or a slick paint job. If you are needing a new ceiling there are a couple of things you can consider. When it is time to replace it – will you just replicate what was already there or will you look at changing the entire vibe of the room with adding features to your ceiling. If you are renovating – This is the ideal time to work out if you can raise the ceiling height, add soundproofing, work out new light fittings and how you want them featured.

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The other part that you can play in the design of a ceiling is the cornices. Will you stick with the standard cornices or will look for something a little extra? Another option is to eliminate cornices and do a shadowline ceiling.
These make an impressive statement to any room.

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Ceiling Types And Solutions

We do all types of ceiling installations

Cornices including Decorative
P50 Shadow Lines
Suspended Ceilings
Office Tile Ceilings
Bulkheads And Pelmets
Sound Proofing Solutions
We also replace water damaged ceilings

Ceilings Installed, Hung,
Suspended And Sound

We can do plaster ceiling repair work or hang a complete new one including any bulkhead or pelmet detail work.
Are unhappy with the level and straightness of your current ceiling or is your ceiling sagging? We can easily fix this for you!
Do you live or work in a multi level building and have noise issues from adjoining properties or rooms?
We can install Sound Proof Ceilings in your unit, apartment, house or business to reduce noise from neighboring properties. An acoustic rated ceiling upgrade is the most effective way of reducing noise and giving you back the serenity we all crave.

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ornate cornice

Cornice Work To Set It All Off

Ornate cornices are an excellent way to complete a ceiling and bring a sense of character and quality to any home design.
Ornate cornices are available in a variety of forms and sizes and require the expertise of a specialist plasterer to install and finish to a high level of quality and detail.
Our cornice installers are highly qualified and experienced in commercial and residential cornice installation.

Ceiling Roses And Ceiling Panels

With hundreds of ceiling rose patterns to choose from, your only limitation is your imagination.
Ceiling Roses, also known as Rosettes and Medallions, are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, profiles, and materials, including plaster cast and lightweight firm polyurethane.
Originally intended as a complement to chandeliers, they’ve evolved into a variety of various applications, including complementing lighting and elements to break up the monotony of broad flat ceilings. When done correctly, ceiling roses can drastically modify the appearance of a home; merely by selecting a modern or period design, one can instantly change the age of one’s home.

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While a home handyman can perform the fitting, for an accurate and perfect fit, one should seek the services of a licenced professional. The last thing anyone wants is for their ceiling rose to collapse, maybe causing damage or injury to an innocent onlooker. For additional information on ceiling roses, contact the Plastering Guys now.

All Plasterboard Work

As we offer high quality plastering services, including
conversion and renovation work, new builds, internal
and external plastering and general plaster repairs and
touch-ups, we have developed a process that ensures an
excellent result.

Ceiling Installation Options

Removing an old ceiling is a messy, difficult task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you tackle demolition, you will have some significant advantages.
You may be removing an old plaster ceiling that keeps having problems with sagging and cracking.
With the ceiling removed, you’ll have access to open joist bays that will allow you to completely re-route electrical wiring to the switches on the wall.

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This will also allow you to install new lights and ceiling fans exactly where you want them.
If an original plaster ceiling is to be preserved for restoration or historical reasons, you at times can repair the unsightly sagging and cracks caused by age.
However with the availability of ornate cornices and even ornate ceiling panels and pressed tin panels – Replacing the ceiling is usually faster and more cost effective.
When deciding on a new plaster ceiling, you need to consider what type of finish you are aiming for.
Making a wall or ceiling as smooth as possible is usually done by skilled tradesmen.

Suspended Ceilings

So-called “suspended” ceilings are a system of lightweight metal tracks suspended by wires from a higher ceiling and then covered with some kind of tile.
The network of uniformly sized grid squares found in a suspended ceiling allows architects or DIYers to install sound-deadening acoustic panels, prefabricated lighting fixtures, air conditioning vents.
This type of ceiling can work in a way that hides the messy mechanical connections and components needed to power a room.
Although not common in residential buildings, it’s worth considering installing hangers in a renovation project with higher ceilings to transform the space and save the cost of running cables and wiring through floors and walls.
Suspended ceilings are usually installed in commercial, offices and retail spaces.

Exposed Beams

Exposed beams are a classic element of traditional antique construction that dramatically affects the atmosphere of a room. This ceiling finish is worth considering if you have sufficient ceiling height to accommodate the extra depth of the ceiling beams, and if you are aiming for an antique theme. Faux beams need to look structural, even if they are not.
Most prefabricated faux beams have a U-shaped profile; they can be made of wood or plastic, with a variety of finishes (rough hewn, weathered, etc.). A skilled carpenter can also make a dummy beam on site from ¾” solid wood.
With either option, it is important that the installation is done carefully to avoid telltale gaps (e.g. between the joist and the plasterboard) that may indicate a fake.

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Exposed Beams

While exposed ceiling beams evoke rustic construction, a coffered ceiling is a dramatic statement on craftsmanship and quality. This ultimate exercise in joinery can have many variations, but there are some common elements. The ceiling is divided into square or rectangular sections by a symmetrical grid of beams. And these sections are often finished with mitred mouldings.

The ceiling may be painted, but is often stained and/or varnished.
A coffered ceiling is a masterpiece – a great challenge and an impressive detail that should only be used in very special rooms. When restoring older style homes, this will give a room a fantastic impact!

Ultimately, ceiling repairs or alterations are among the most challenging and potentially expensive tasks a homeowner can add to a renovation project. There are many decisions that will have a long-term impact on the atmosphere of the space.

Careful consideration and design with a designer is always wise before pulling out the hammer and chisel and tackling a difficult project. Despite the cost and effort, giving your ceilings the attention they deserve and giving it the ‘wow’ factor of a sophisticated renovation can dramatically transform your home.