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Every plastering project we start, we complete with excellence and pride.
From the initial quote to the site preparation and product application, our work will exceed your expectations
and meet industry standards. Our experience and expertise in the industry will ensure that the plastering is done properly
and that our work standards will impress.

Plastering For Homes

Smooth Walls For A Smooth Finish

Until you have a freshly painted wall, you do not see imperfections or uneveness. Choosing a plasterer who works
not only quickly but skillfully can be a challenge. Many contractors do get lazy and will take short cuts or they do not keep up to date with the Australian standards.
We see this a lot when we are doing renovation work or repairs.
If you are after the best local plastering team – You have come to the right place.

Our Plastering Services

We offer all plastering services. From modern and minimal to heritage and ornate.

Create beautiful rooms with durable and adaptable Gyprock & Plasterboard.

If you’re wanting to completely remodel or update your property, you’ll need a solution that also allows for the relocation or creation of new solid and well-finished walls. A well-placed wall may truly open up areas and offer unexpected utility, flair, and modernism to your interior design, completing your project architecturally.

Plasterboard or Gyprock is required for safe and reliable interior  wall construction. These wide sheets of gypsum that are tightly compacted between the ‘facer’ and ‘backer’ layers are easy to handle and install and provide an excellent structural and safety profile.

All Plasterboard Work

As we offer high quality plastering services, including
conversion and renovation work, new builds, internal
and external plastering and general plaster repairs and
touch-ups, we have developed a process that ensures an excellent result.


Skim Coating in Australia relates to a very fine layer of a finish coat applied to plasterboard. It is normally less than 1mm in thickness and is applied over the entire plasterboard surface to conceal imperfections in the joint work, smooth the paper texture and provide a uniform surface for decorating. It is usually done on walls that will have high scrutiny on the surface.

It may be easier to just sand back a wall that has some fine cracks and use a a gap filler and then paint over the top.

It will depend on the size of the room – But typically it will take a full day or 2 days to install plasterboards and allow the curing time between the steps

Usually it is quicker to remove the damaged plasterboards and apply new boards. If you are just going to skim over the top of an existing plasterboard wall – you will have to prepare it so that the surface is smooth.
Remove any flaking paint and round areas.

Plastering yourself is absolutely possible but it is a skill. Plasterers undergo a four year apprenticeship to be qualified.
If you are going to try and do your own plastering, materials are readily available at hardware stores and plasterboard supply places. Make sure you watch some Youtube clips that show you step by step.
If the job does go to plan – Reach out as we are only a phone call away.

Plastering Maintenance

Strive to be the best at plastering with our high industry standards.
We provide services throughout the whole process including the initial quote
product preparation, and site preparation. We stay clean and offer backup services and
maintenance to help you have a long-lasting plasterwork finish.